Choosing an analytics package - beyond the interface

Choosing an analytics package - beyond the interface

Sometimes in Web Analytics it's possible to want to analyse data in a way which is simply not possible in the standard reports within a given platform (e.g. Google Analytics). In this case, it's time to start thinking outside the box and not be limited by the reports made available by the vendor.

Any BI tool can be customised to view the information you want in a clear and precise manner. With an API it is possible to free your data and make it accessible through any viewing tool. All major analytics platforms have an API for pulling data out. The easiest (and most commonly used) is for Google Analytics which is well supported by a community and forum. 

Once the data has been extracted it can be filtered and linked to a visualisation programme. This will vary depending on which solution you choose, although most are compatible with data sources from Excel to Oracle and everything inbetween!

Now that the data is in your chosen visualisation tool, the fun part begins! There are many options to display your results, ensuring that you’ll always be able to get your point across. From mapping campaign growth around the World to creating interactive dashboards that use sliders to change the information given, there is no limit to creativity.

analytics custom dashboard

This can help to pull data from a variety of API feeds and combine them into one data source. This can then be extracted to a visualisation platform (we use Tableau) before creating dashboards that can be accessed online.

The final decision is how to distribute the reporting. Once again there are a number of options where dashboards can even be accessed through web browsers and updated using live data. We hope this has given an insight into the reporting options available and hopefully broadened your view when choosing an analytics tool!

analytics custom dashboard

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