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EU Cookie Directive

As most website owners are aware, in Europe, any web analytics strategy need to take into account the imminent implementation of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. The main thrust of the directive is the fundamental switch from an opt-out to an opt-in model for cookies.

Historically it was permitted to use cookies for web analytics by default just as long as there is an opt-out mechanism. However, with the directive we could be facing an online world where in cookies can only be used for web analytics if the visitor has “explicitly” opted in.

So, what does this mean?

Well,  in reality law makers across the EU are still struggling on how the directive will be implemented and how to enforce it. Also, any official guidance that is out there can be interpreted in different ways and if you have pan-EU sites then if differs country to country.


Lynchpin assess the impact of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive on your websites, online trading and online advertising.

Lynchpin will conduct an audit and risk analysis of current usage of cookies and other visitor identifiers with reference to the legislation in the member states across the EU.

Lynchpin will provide a plan for any immediate action required (where legislation is clear), and a commercially weighted strategy setting out what actions would be needed in different enforcement scenarios (where legislation is still emerging).

Engage internal stakeholders with the strategy and its implications, and enable them to make sound judgements from a commercial, technical and compliance perspective.

The focus is on the recent EU cookie legislation (December 2011) from a data perspective, and its impact on everything from the availability of basic MI through to the establishment of a single customer view.

Staged Approach

  • Stakeholder meeting to introduce the legislation and its possible effect on the client and from these discussions scope out the project.
  • Audit current website documentation regarding cookies and overall terms and conditions of the website.
  • Review current technical usage of cookies it terms of tracking, third parties, storage and usage of collected data.
  • Assessment of the commercial usage of the data focusing on any advertising relationships that may be impacted.
  • Strategy report creation
  • Presentation of strategy and implementation project plan

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