New Cookie Law equals 90% Loss in recorded traffic

New Cookie Law equals 90% Loss in recorded traffic

A staggering  90% of site visitors to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)  website declined to accept a Google Analytics cookie, thereby disappearing from their analytics.

Whilst companies have a year to consider solutions, unless we see a major U-turn, they'll eventually have adhere to  Regulation 6 of the UK's Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. The amendments  require that users provide "consent" for the placement of a cookie on their PC, laptop, Phone,  etc.

In a Freedom of Information request it was revealed that the ICO itself saw a 90% drop in traffic tracked by Google Analytics following its decision to ask permission to place a Google Analytics cookie. So that won't affect many online buisnesses, agencies, software vendors or users...... no worries for there then…… it can’t get worse can it?


On the 22 June the Dutch parliament passed an even more crazy, daft or, if you prefer, tough cookie law. It require that users opt in to the placement of a cookie, it also requires that a website operator be able to prove that the cookie was accepted.

Stephan Noller, CEO of an ad consultancy spoke to the the Wall Street Journal, "50% of campaigns in euro volumes might be shut down." Even worse, because the Journal notes that the EU is "committed to harmonizing rules," the Dutch application of the directive could eventually be forced upon other nations.

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Read the ICOs own advice on what you need to do... and prepare to weep!