Requirements Analysis

Far too often, web analytics fails to deliver simply because the real business requirements were never mapped out. Our approach ensures people, technology and process all point in the right direction from the start.

KPI Selection

What to measure in the first place is a fundamental question, but also a complex one that can span business models, departments and internal politics. Our independence and experience across industry verticals means we are well placed to steer and structure measurement requirements.

Picking the right Key Peformance Indicators makes or breaks an analytics strategy. We use KPI frameworks to help organisations formalise what success looks like online, and then use that to drive their implementation, reporting and ongoing optimisation.

EU Cookie Directive

As most website owners are aware, in Europe, any web analytics strategy need to take into account the imminent implementation of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. Lynchpin offers organisations an assessment  of the impact of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive on their websites, online trading and online advertising.

We conduct an audit and risk analysis of current usage of cookies and other visitor identifiers with reference to the legislations across the EU. We then provide a plan for any immediate action required and a commercially weighted strategy setting out what actions would be needed in different enforcement scenarios.

Customer Journey

Understanding the customer needs a joined-up approach to data collection, ultimately driven by the customer journey and key points of engagement rather than the peculiarities of a particular web analytics tool.

Our drive is for quality rather than blind quantity of data. We help organisations map their data collection requirements from a customer perspective, to ensure they have the visibility and granularity they need to drive genuine performance improvement.

Best Practice

Analytics is not a silver bullet, and the process of getting insight from data is a journey rather than a one-off fix. We help organisations build best practice into their usage of analytics to ensure ongoing accuracy and consistency:

  • Deployment and testing processes integrated with existing project lifecycles
  • Campaign management to ensure marketing activity is always tracked
  • Robust MI that can be trusted from the start to end of any initiative