Technology Selection

New Solution or Sweat Current Solution? Google Analytics or Something Else? Hosted or On-Site?

Independent Advice

Lynchpin has extensive practical experience deploying and working with web analytics technologies from WebTrends, Adobe (Omniture), Coremetrics and Google amongst others.

"Independent" means just that: we don't partner commercially with any vendors Because we believe we should only answer to our clients, and to be neutral should never have any interest in recommending a particular solution.

Beyond The Feature List

We work with these tools day-in and day-out, and understand the practical strengths and weaknesses, time-savers and frustrations.

If your requirements stretch the mould of the off-the-shelf solutions, we can map out (and comparatively cost) a bespoke solution.

Licence Optimisation

Software vendors like to sell you the next version, the higher tier package, the gold-plated package. It's almost as if their salespeople are on commission.

In some situations we can optimise our clients' licence fees down to zero by helping them deploy free tools to deliver all the functionality they need.