Bespoke Solutions

Sometimes off-the-shelf just doesn't cut it. Our in-house technical capability and experience means we can quickly craft bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements.

Data Collection

Need data? We offer bespoke data collection (tag/log/network based), and can look beyond your own website to gather competitor and market data on:

  • Search engine positions and keyword demand
  • Online market share
  • Social media mentions

Data Processing

We take data from anywhere, and provide managed data services to directly add insight. Examples include:

  • Providing advanced visitor and customer lifetime value analysis from raw WebTrends log files
  • Performing clickstream analysis on non-standard log extracts from a bespoke financial services platform
  • Attribution modelling on ad server data

Data Presentation

We can deliver insight in any form: interactive dashboards, bespoke spreadsheets, mobile applications - all to your precise requirements.