Data Integration

The holy grail: a unified view of the customer. We take a pragmatic approach to breaking down data silos, online and offline.

Single Customer View

The eternal quest for the Single Customer View can risk turning into an apparently neverending (or even worse neverstarting) technical project.

We believe it doesn't have to be that way: with a clear focus on the questions and answers that will drive the most performance improvement, data integration can be a responsive function.

Data Warehousing

We help our clients bring together data from different sources that will drive genuine understand and optimisation of the customer journey. That data warehouse can either be internal or outsourced - either way we help clients use BI toolsets effectively to open up the power of the combined data.

Tactical Integration

Often a tactical matching of CRM and web analytics data at a segment level can drive massive ROI, helping business optimise at a sale rather than a lead level. Our experience and pragmatism enables us to unlock these insights without the cost and time involved in a full data warehouse.