Analytical technology, techniques and most importantly minds
Unlocking the Power of Data

Whatever data you have available and regardless of size, shape and location: we draw out the value and allow it to continually increase business performance.

From optimising a marketing campaign and forecasting the impact of digital media to mining insights from patterns of behaviour in large data sets to find and segment your customers.

Experienced hands

Technology has made it faster to interpret and process data but at the end of the day you simply can’t beat experience: having a knowledgeable, investigative and creative person to operate that technology.

We have the skills and experience to know where to look, which questions to explore and which algorithms to apply.

Commercial Focus

At Lynchpin we believe understanding the business model is just as important as understanding a statistical model.


Reporting & Visualisation

Easily see the value in your data in beautiful visualisations, automate reports and collaborate on business intelligence.

Data Mining & Modelling

Which of your marketing channels are performing best? Identify segments for up-sell, cross-sell and churn prediction.


Use structured testing and evaluation to generate more positive outcomes.