Easily see the value in your data
pearl with oyster

Great design is rewarding. If something looks good, is intuitive and works effectively you will use it frequently, productively and it will become a part of your everyday life.

We use agile technology  such as Qlik and Tableau to process vast data sets, capture the relevant information for your business or a particular job and turn it into interactive visualisations and translatable automated reports.

Lynchpin create dashboards that are vibrant and pleasing, practical and easy to read.  Data is democratised across departments, valued and compelling.

Data becomes accessible and quickly actionable for those that need it company wide, making business intelligence a more collaborative experience.

Pictures for humans are instinctive and natural, colours, shapes and sizes all make sense.  Data visualisations are the perfect tool to quickly shed light on changes in data, compare relationships, notice trends  and anomalies.

Rather than searching for insights with bias and routine, data tells you the story and this inspires curiosity, research and the truth creates value.

Our automated reports capture detailed information that  you can drill down without moving away and need to search elsewhere for answers.

By taking large amounts of complex data from different sources and distilling it down for your requirements we are able to create in depth automated reports, obviously saving time and resources.

The data is always available in comprehendable manner and allows you to make decision when needed with ad-hoc analysis rather than creating a project for every piece of analysis.

Having the data presented in an easy to digest way means that you can make changes in processes quickly and getting buy in from decision makers is easier.

Inclusive not exclusive conversations

Data is most valuable when it is accessible across whole organisations and discussions can take place between executives, creatives, analysts and heads of departments. Visualisations create inclusive understanding, bypass business jargon and promote productivity.

Visualisations make data easier to explain to others in the business.