In the latest of Lynchpin’s WAW+ events we were joined by Girish Gupta, founder and CEO of Data Drum, former reporter for Reuters, Cambridge graduate, and data-enthusiast.
It was during his time at Reuters, whilst reporting on the cocktail of political and economic crises Venezuela was facing, that Girish saw first-hand the level chaos and injustices which can occur when people do not have access to a reliable hub of simple, clear, honest data.
A few years later, Data Drum was born.
Data Drum is a one-stop-shop, available on desktop and mobile, which uses webscraping and Government APIs to provide up to date macroeconomic information as efficiently as possible.

Girish’s presentation took us all on a journey which put our work as data scientists, strategists, engineers and analysts into new contexts that hit home for many people in the audience. Our Q&A and workshopping sessions that followed the presentation were alight with debates, praise and truly insightful discussions.
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