Deciding on the right analytics technology can be a daunting process but choosing the right reporting suite to suit your business objectives from set up can save a whole lot of heart ache later on.

At Lynchpin we understand in perfect detail all of the analytics reporting software available and can recommend without bias the most suitable and scalable option: not only the solution that will deliver the data insights for now, but we’ll work with you to anticipate and map the changes in your business.

It is not a simple case of comparing and contrasting the feature list of google verses Adobe for example. It is about what will be suitable to meet the infrastucture and goals of your organisation.

Our recommendations symbiotically grow with you and deliver for the future as you gain increasing value and take advantage of the opportunities realised from your data.

At Lynchpin it’s in our interest to form happy long term relationships with our clients. Honesty is the absolute key to this. In order to give you the best advice we have great rapport with software vendors but are not in their pocket.

This impartiality means we can tell you the warts and all truth about what analytics software can truly deliver for you and when that tool upgrades we can assist you, so that you don’t feel stuck or unsupported.  We sell analytics not software.

It is entirely likely that you already have Analytics software deployed at your organisation however it perhaps isn’t working as hard as should be for you. You could be gaining better insights with your data, or alternatively the solution is failing to capture the data correctly.

It is paramount that your analytics software is deployed correctly, your data story is true and that you are able to measure what is important for your business.  It may be the case that a superior solution exists for you or that we can optimise and correct your current installation in order to get the best return on your investment.

We enjoy a challenge or rather we love a creative solution. Occasionally it is necessary to do some tailor made development.

We have a few clients that need something a bit special to extract and sort the data required for a particular high value project. Our data engineering team have the capability to code and build tools for Industry/ company specific needs, an unusual or unique situation.