We live in a world where billions of data points are captured each day. Lynchpin understands the difficulties organisations face with multiple competing, truncated and siloed data sets. Valuable data increasingly sits across a number of platforms and tools and there is a plethora of APIs for grabbing data from different systems.

Every data transformation project we undertake has one core goal in mind: increase business value. Our data and technology scorecarding system ensures we are correctly prioritising based on true ROI rather than solely on ease of deployment. We work with you, your technology vendors and your 3rd party agencies to help build out a Data Strategy road map.

Our qualified software engineers build robust, reliable and repeatable processes for extracting, transforming and loading data across your various data systems. This unlocks regular, joined-up and efficient access to your own data sets while future proofing for new tools, data sets and technology advancements.

How important is digital analytics to your organisation's digital transformation programme?

Find out more in our Measurement and Analytics Report, produced in partnership with Econsultancy.

At Lynchpin, we’re fans of the best tool for the job, which might mean a simple script, an off-the-shelf tool, a relational database or a distributed Hadoop cluster. We continually evaluate what is available to streamline and optimise the transformation of small, medium and large data sets.

We maintain and manage our own private secure data hosting infrastructure, accredited to financial services standards for IT Security, which enables us to transfer, store and process data for our clients as an enterprise managed service.

Or we can help you embed data transformation processes into your own internal systems and work with you to assemble the right tools and processes to achieve this. Or even mix and match between the two.

Economies of scale and our investment in our in-house data processing platforms mean we can move swiftly on a variety of more common transformation tasks, for example:

  • Extracting and consolidating data from digital analytics tools via APIs
  • Processing raw clickstream logs from the likes of Adobe and Webtrends
  • Digesting exports from BigQuery and other relational databases for consolidation
  • Loading and transforming CSV data feeds

Our experienced team of developers and database programmers can move quickly to meet fresh requirements.