Allocate spend to results to see where marketing performs best.

Your marketers know that your customers use a variety of media to find out about you and take a multi-channel approach to engaging with you. But most people struggle with these questions:

  • How effective are your campaigns across all channels?
  • How can you see a joined-up picture across all touch-points?
  • Can you see the customers’ perspective and fine-tune?
How confident are you that your attribution model is based on facts about your data and business?

Find out more in our 2017 Measurement and Analytics Report, produced in partnership with Econsultancy.

Data Science

Marketing attribution is a data science approach to measure the importance of each piece of marketing activity in driving results. The analysis uses granular data to measure the contribution of each channel in single and multi-touch journeys that led to a sale and assign value to each marketing activity.

We work with you to help meet requirements like:

  • Understanding customer journeys to conversion
  • Accurately quantifying the impact of your Display advertising
  • Optimising ROI/CPA across the full customer journey
  • Optimising marketing spend

Our data scientists shape attribution projects around your specific business model, customers and operating conditions. This is combined with a detailed exploration of all your available data and a ground up transparent approach to finding your business truths.

Bespoke Solutions

We avoid off-the-shelf “black-box” products because we understand that no two customers are alike. To meet your unique needs, we use a bespoke but scalable and configurable approach to attribution, with our data science gurus crafting something that’s custom-fit for you.

Typically, we will help you to achieve strategic wins like:

  • Improved deal and revenue forecasting accuracy
  • Ability to run “what-if” scenario planning to test offers
  • Improved campaign planning based on historical results
  • Spend optimisation across the complete customer journey

In short, with our data science expertise, you’ll be able to leverage attribution analysis not just to drive efficiency and reduce costs but also to increase revenue growth and customer retention.