Whether your tools live within the same “cloud” as each other or not, achieving solid integrations between digital analytics tools, testing tools, data management platforms, customer relationship management systems, content management systems is often technically challenging.

Data implementation

Driving Personalisation and Optomisation

We believe integrations are best aligned at driving actions and outcomes for our clients based on a fuller understanding of the customer.

Our consultancy services can help map out the best flows between technologies and ensure integration drives real commercial benefit and not just joining the technical dots. Then our engineering team are here to make those vital integrations happen and plug any missing links.

Intra and Inter Vendor

We work collaboratively with vendors to achieve the best results when integrating tools. Our developers can get into the nitty-gritty of specific challenges while our business analysts make sure dependencies are identified early on and sensible commercial compromises are made when incompatibilities arise.

Often vendors build up their portfolios of tools by acquisition, and an external independent view is equally valuable as when integrating tools from different vendors.

Vital Skills

Lynchpin may be an analytics specialist, but our engineering team encompasses the vital systems architecture, network engineering, programming and database skills required to make technical integrations work. Treat us like your dedicated mercenaries to tackle those thorny issues that are holding things back.

Investing Time to Save time

At Lynchpin we are fans of automation, whether it’s a report, regular piece of analysis or anything that involves unnecessary repeated manual work. We work to free up your smart people to focus on interpreting and driving action from the data rather than copying and pasting.