Worthwhile measurement needs to be well planned, capturing data correctly is the foundation of successful analytics.

Understanding the business purpose and your organisation is key to knowing the best tools to use, creating consistent tracking and robust and quality assured implentation.  At Lynchpin we cover every base.

Examples of measurement design in practice include:

  • Deploying a digital analytics tool such as Adobe or Google Analytics on a website
  • Measuring interactions within a mobile app
  • Specifying the data capture fields for a call centre system or enquiry form
  • Identifying all the state changes a mortgage application goes through during its lifetime
  • Tracking digital marketing activity within a clear hierarchy of channels and campaigns

A critical success factor for robust measurement design is thorough attention to detail when mapping real customer journeys, set in the context of a clear business purpose to that measurement: not just data for data’s sake.

We bring together business and technical minds to map data collection to key customer interaction points across website, mobile, telephony, in-store and other channels.

Our consultancy methodologies help our clients to map and refine their requirements for measurement design, and our experience across industry verticals allows us to anticipate and future-proof, so those vital levers for optimisation and personalisation are there from the outset.

Naming conventions might not be top of everyone’s list of exciting topics. However it is so important to get these consistent from the outset.  As manually cleansing data from reports is always a tedious job.

Our objective is to make sure the quality of your data is as good 100 days on as when measurement was originally implemented. To achieve that, we spend time getting to know your organisation’s processes and systems and arm you with pragmatic governance and training around naming conventions.

We are not aligned with any particular analytics vendor, but have literally hundreds of analytics implementations under our belts from over a decade of experience.

Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Webtrends, IBM, Tealium, Ensighten, Signal, Google Tag Manager, Tagman, Adobe DTM, Hubspot, Salesforce, Eloqua, Doubleclick, Mediaplex… we’ve pretty much seen it all.

Whatever the technology, our focus is helping you get the most out of it; not letting the vendor get the most out of you!

Our engineering team are not just analytics experts; they are qualified developers and software engineers with experience of working in and with global development teams. We believe that experience makes a massive difference in how we interface with our client’s teams to get implementation projects shipped.

We can manage and execute an implementation from start to finish, come on site to do the technical work or shadow your team in doing so, provide ad hoc remote support, or act as an independent technical project management resource for implementation teams across your vendors.

Can I trust the data? Our rigorous approach to testing and validating analytics implementations makes sure you definitely can.

We bake testing into all our implementation projects, and can also audit an existing implementation to identify any issues with data accuracy or the relevancy of data captured to the business.