Improved Customer Experience

Consumers have never been more demanding; failing to deliver a great CX will lead to a failing business. Analytics helps you understand your customers better.

The Challenge

As customers spread their interactions with brands across platforms and channels, understanding and improving customer experience can become increasingly challenging.

The most successful organisations are often those that are able to understand the key positive and negative experiences quickly and apply that back to product, marketing and customer service strategy and execution.

For many of our clients, mapping how the customer experience is tracked and impacted by different areas of a business is in itself a barrier to improvement. And arriving at a holistic view of experience when the data is siloed across different business areas is often a challenge.

The Solution

We fundamentally believe that improved customer experience comes from improved customer understanding. Our data science team apply a variety of techniques including customer segmentation and sentiment analysis to build robust data-driven personas.

We bring statistical and commercial rigour to testing and personalisation, making sure the levers being pulled are the right ones and that the outcomes are quality as well as quantity.

Our PRISM strategic consulting methodology gives our clients a robust framework for benchmarking and optimising how customer experience is measured and the efficacy of the levers for improvement.

Then our data engineering capabilities allow us to come close to those channels and platforms to implement techniques such as personalisation and recommendation.

Why Lynchpin?

While our specialism is in quantitative insight, we recognise the importance of qualitative insight to surface unmet customer needs and integrate that vital research into our analysis. We typically collaborate extensively with internal and external teams on customer experience projects.

Our senior team couple in-depth experience of service design methodologies with a successful track record in improving customer experience in a variety of industries.

Understanding how successful you are being in delivering an optimal customer experience is essential for business success. We blend quantitative analysis with qualitative insights to drive CX improvements. Talk to our team today to find out more.