Data continues to grow at an exponential rate. Some companies are struggling with Big Data – unstructured and sentiment-based data flying at them from a variety of sources. For most, even getting a handle on structured data – digital analytics, performance KPIs, customer journey metrics, purchasing behaviour – and a host of stuff in your CRM or ERP systems is daunting enough. You have a day job to do and a company to run; where do you even start?

Fortunately, at Lynchpin, it’s not just our day-job but our passion. We start with PRISM, our unique Analytics Maturity Model. It’s our flagship strategy offering – a methodology for working with clients to understand your capability across the five key dimensions for analytics.

PRISM Analytics Maturity Model

Here we look at the big picture. How strategically important are analytics initiatives? How structured are analytical functions? How data-led is the organisation?


This dimension relates to your reporting and analysis capability. How much automation is in place? How do you measure the impact of reporting? How do you visualise reports?


At this level, we assess your data processes and quality. What data governance policies are in place for data handling? How do you ensure the accuracy of data? What technical data hierarchies and structures are in place?


The next stage relates to the capabilities of your in-house teams. How capable are your analytics functions for data collection, cleaning, modelling and reporting? Are roles well-defined with development plans? How are they integrated with business functions?


Finally, we look at how you turn core data into tangible metrics to measure business performance. What frameworks are in place? Are measurements aligned to business requirements and targets? Are you able to model, segment, optimise and forecast?

If you would like more detailed information on the PRISM Maturity Model, you can reach us via the form or details on our contact page.

Diagram of the PRISM benchmarking model
PRISM Benchmarking Model

To help you to understand where your company sits in each of the five PRISM dimensions, we benchmark you against four standardised levels of capability.


This level would suggest that capability in the dimension is at a nascent stage: skills are limited; departments are inconsistent, efforts aren’t integrated and impact is low.


Here, the company has perhaps reached adolescence. Analytics and reporting is having an impact, data is being better managed but lacking structure and consistency, outcomes are tactical and not joined-up in the business.


Now you are demonstrating real expertise. It’s a top-down focus area and ingrained in decision-making. You can get hold of the data and reports you need, measurement is aligned with business objectives and skills gaps are understood.


At the top of the hierarchy, you’re demonstrating mastery in this dimension. Data is a strategic asset that drives insight, foresight and results. Reports are well-visualised and tell stories. Scalable, actionable frameworks for measurement help people drive competitive advantage.

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PRISM Reporting and Ongoing Engagement

We use data visualisation tools like radar charts so that you can immediately see the PRISM dimensions where you are performing well versus others needing improvement.

The full PRISM report breaks down each of the five dimensions, benchmarks you according to the four maturity levels, and provides granular feedback on performance. More importantly, we make recommendations on the steps you need to take to move up to Leading performance in each area, along with a whole host of other critical analysis and outputs.

Ideally, we want the PRISM Report to be the start of a long-term relationship. We don’t just want a standalone project that provides you with the roadmap to becoming a better, more data-driven business. We want to come with you on the journey so we can work together to build world-class capability that helps your company to excel in its market.

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