Our Charity Partner, Maggie’s

As we grow as a business, we want to ensure that we are doing our most to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

About Maggies

Maggie’s offers free, practical, emotional, and social support to people with cancer, their family and friends. It predominantly operates through the provision of dedicated centres attached to hospitals, staffed with cancer support specialists, benefits advisors, nutritionists, therapists, and psychologists.

Maggie’s centres provide an informal space where anyone can come for a cup of tea, be quiet or talk to someone who is going through or has been through a similar experience.

Our Role

Maggie’s runs a broad range of fun and interesting fundraising events we get involved with as a team. They also have several aspects of their business and marketing activities where our skills would be directly valuable.

  • Lynchpin set aside a nominated day each year where we donate our time as a team to Maggie’s. For example, doing some volunteer gardening work together at centres in Edinburgh and London.
  • There are opportunities for us to contribute our professional time to help Maggie’s with things like IT, data, CRM and marketing. We treat Maggie’s as a client in that respect and manage the flow and prioritisation using our normal operational processes.
  • We set aside one further working day per person each year for individuals to volunteer their time to Maggie’s (e.g. stewarding at events, assisting with fundraising, helping at a local centre).
  • We help promote fundraising events that Maggie’s run across the year internally, which will be optional for people to get involved in. This includes activities such as Maggie’s: half marathons, cycling challenges, Broadgate abseil, Culture Crawl, and many others.

Why Maggies?

We at Lynchpin have partnered with Maggie’s for several reasons:

  • Maggie’s was founded in Scotland and the first Maggie’s Centre is still based in Edinburgh. They have subsequently grown to 26 centres, including several in London. This is well-aligned with our roots and the geographical spread of the business today.
  • The size of the charity means that we can provide a level of donation and support that is sustainable for us and has a meaningful incremental impact for Maggie’s in terms of the provision they can provide in their centres.
  • Unfortunately, cancer is something that – probability wise – is likely to directly or indirectly affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Providing social support for individuals, friends and families that are living with cancer, therefore, helps us to extend our social impact on society.

Visit Maggie's website below and find out how you can get involved.