Scaling Analytics

We see the scaling of analytics as being a journey, and a journey that needs to be flexible to accommodate changes in your business and your market.

You may already know the power of analytics in one part of your business. The challenge is extending it into all areas and scaling it up as your business advances.

The Challenge

The scope of data and analytics is constantly extending, and opportunities and threats abound to the mission of turning data into actionable insight.

In that context, scaling analytics in terms of people, process and technology represents a critical challenge for most businesses.

Set against that, there are a plethora of technologies which are constantly emerging, becoming established and then disrupted, which makes it hard to place the right bets for strategic investment.

And with skills shortages in many areas making analytics a precious human resource, there are many ways of potentially structuring teams on a centralised or localised basis.

The Solution

Flexible Roadmap – We see the scaling of analytics as being a journey, and a journey that needs to be flexible to accommodate changes in your business and your market.

Analytics Maturity – Our unique PRISM methodology enables us to benchmark your existing analytics capability and quickly establish a strategic yet practical roadmap to increasing analytics maturity.

Data Strategy – We approach data strategy from the perspective of helping you to anticipate what to invest in now to enable valuable outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

Execution – We also provide flexible and scalable resource across our strategic consulting, data science and data engineering teams to complement your internal teams as they grow and evolve, whether on a short- or long-term basis.

Why Lynchpin?

As an independent consultancy with no commercial vendor relationships, our only interest is in recommending the right solutions for your genuine requirements.

Our senior team brings together decades of client-side experience of building effective analytics teams in start-up, scale-up and multinational corporate situations.

Our strategic consulting approach therefore comes from an experienced yet pragmatic standpoint. And we make sure our strategies are realistic and actionable, using our data science and data engineering expertise to think ahead to execution rather than a presentation deck that ends up filed for posterity.

We are not lawyers, but we understand the importance of compliance and are experienced in successfully and transparently aligning the vital interests of data protection, marketing and technology.

Analytics shouldn’t exist in isolation, it should be an area of critical benefit and data-driven decision-making across the organisation. But scaling it up isn’t easy. We know the pitfalls and will build you a pathway to success so contact us today to discuss.