Staying ahead of competition requires more than just great content. In an increasingly dynamic media landscape, businesses constantly face the challenge of staying ahead of evolving consumer demands, fierce competition, and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. For a longstanding media client, complex analytics challenges prompted them to reenlist the expertise of our analytics consultancy team here at Lynchpin.
By utilising our diverse analytics resourcing, we supported their team to generate insights, uphold reporting obligations, and reenforce the integrity of their measurement strategy. Services used include analytics auditing, strategic analytics support, data collection, data tracking, data integration, ad-hoc data science support, advanced analytics testing, and data validation.

The challenge

Limited in-house capacity and depth of expertise

  • The team required a diverse range of specialist analytics support to assist them with upcoming projects deemed too complex or resource-intensive to manage on their own – including changes to their tech stack and consequent integration and migration considerations.

Managing complex technical change

  • As the technological changes and migrations were performed, it was critical that disruption to the client’s services and internal workflow were to be kept to a minimum.
  • The client required a team with specialist technical knowledge to lead the modernisation work and coordinate in-house teams, ensuring a clear and seamless progression of their measurement strategy.

Reporting and KPI discrepancies

  • The client needed a thorough auditing process to surface the cause of gaps and issues noticed with reporting and KPIs used around the business.
  • The client required the tooling and technical expertise to validate analytics at the scale and level of precision required for reporting within their organisation and for submission to regulatory bodies overseeing their sector.
  • All BAU reporting activity and insight delivery needed to remain undisrupted, so work needed to be conducted quickly and with little inference between the client’s obligations.

How we did it

Coordinating and aligning client teams

Given the complexity of the work, we needed to implement a process to ensure all necessary teams and stakeholders were aligned and working towards common goals.
Our years of experience enabled us to seamlessly steer strategy, fitting into the larger fabric of the client’s organisational structure, strategy, and working processes.

Auditing to surface issues and gaps

As an impartial third-party, our ability to audit fairly and transparently is a huge asset for our clients. Using our bespoke methodology, PRISM, our Strategy team provided a comprehensive audit of data and analytics environments to build a roadmap to remedy specific issues and build a plan for increasing advocacy in analytics around in the business.

Modernisation of data collection, tracking, and integration processes

Using results from the auditing report, our Engineering team were able to ensure robust data integrations, ensuring the build of a more robust and future-proof measurement framework to be implemented across the client’s array of platforms, connecting data and considering metrics most integral to the business.
Here, our end-to-end capabilities and experience allowed us to ensure the client’s analytics tracking solutions were upgraded, designed for the long-term, considering end goals such as personalisation or optimisation and critical foundations such as privacy and consent within the context of their industry.

Reporting and insight resourcing

Enabled through the engineering work completed, our Data Science team supported the client to uphold their reporting obligations – delivering both automated reporting and ad-hoc analysis that the client team were previously unable to fulfil due to limitations in time, experience, and data inaccuracies since resolved in our rehaul of their measurement strategy.

Our team were able to begin utilising the higher-quality data, equipping the client with advanced user insight via user segmentation and user scoring to inform personalisation and monetisation campaigns carried out by their marketing teams to serve user segments by commercial value with tailored messaging better orientated to their needs.

Advanced testing and data validation

Our engineers used Lynchpin’s bespoke automated testing technology to ensure the integrity and robustness of data and insights across multiple devices to ensure the client could rely on their data – from smart TVs to games consoles to mobile devices, our Device Lab is stocked to consider a range of end users and our processes ensure analytics scalability.

With the support of our testing capabilities and automated elements of our workflow we could help the client validate data through present and future phases of change, communicating these results to guarantee trust and stability of the data collected around users, engagement, and platform health.


  • Building on a longstanding relationship with the client, Lynchpin orchestrated the management of analytics and analytics strategy through phases of technical migration and change, enabling a smooth transition for the client and their in-house teams.
  • Deploying deep analytics auditing, Lynchpin supported the client in bringing analytics tracking and data collection processes up to standard for their industry, eliminating integration issues and bettering data quality for business reporting and marketing insight generation.
  • Calling on the range of our team’s deep analytics skills, Lynchpin bolstered the client’s analytics resource capacity and capability, helping in-house teams to deliver projects efficiently, acting as a trusted point of call to resolve complex data issues and for guidance on best practice.
  • Using our advanced testing capabilities, the client could guarantee the quality of end metrics and KPIs on users, engagement, and platform health – validating the information processed and shared by the organisation – enabling better insight and garnering increased trust in analytics.