Benchmarking & Strategy

The Lynchpin 5 dimension PRISM model is a proven methodology.

What is Benchmarking & Strategy?

Increasingly companies are recognising the value in leveraging advanced data and analytics to remain competitive. Building a culture that supports effective data-driven decision making is a key enabler for this analytics transformation.

We work with organisations to help them deliver a roadmap for change, that brings analytics to the fore, embedding robust processes that allow them to use data to build powerful insights that make real impact.

Using our proven PRISM methodology, our approach is bespoke to the needs of each organisation, delivering a data and analytics strategy that fits into existing business operating models – effective change with minimal disruption.

"The PRISM model guides organisations and marketers to move towards not just identifying and satisfying customer requirements, but using data and analysis to anticipate and predict their needs."

- Michelle Goodall, Social Media and Digital Transformation Consultant, Econsultancy

Why use PRISM?

Our clients typically require PRISM for one of the following reasons:

Understanding how to become data-driven

Using data to make the best decisions is a game-changer for organisations today. Our PRISM model helps you develop the processes, workflows and strategy to make that a reality, changing culture and creating the right environments for analytics.

Unlocking potential in data through effective insight

Through a forensic examination of your data model, our PRISM model helps you to build an effective data platform so you can deliver insights that matter to the right people in your business at the right time.

Accelerating analytics maturity

Through investment in an analytics strategy, PRISM allows you to understand the gaps and shortfalls in your approach allowing you to move up the maturity scale and advance towards prescriptive analytics.

How does Lynchpin do it?

Understanding your current capabilities

In order to build out a successful roadmap that delivers impact and change we work closely with your teams. Our unique PRISM interview process allows us to uncover all the hidden hotspots and challenges related to data and analytics. Leaving no stone unturned, we meet everyone involved in the analytics value chain from board to new-starts.

Benchmarking - The 5 dimensions of PRISM

Using our proven PRISM methodology, we build out a detailed picture of your challenges, capabilities and potential using the following 5 dimensions.

• Perspective – the cultural impact for analytics in your organisation, including processes and workflows.
• Reporting – including dashboards and all output from your analytics projects and delivery
• Information – an assessment of the data in your organisation.
• Skills – the people, skillsets and team structures within your organisation and how they impact analytics
• Measurement – the application of modelling, data science and related principles to deliver insights to the business

Benchmarking – Peer comparison and review

Once initial interviews are completed, our PRISM benchmark shows you how you compare to your industry peer group, where you are ahead and where you lag behind. The PRISM model then guides a path to advance your analytics maturity.

Roadmap and change

Our bespoke yet detailed approach means we create a roadmap with a distinctive voice tailored to your long-term commercial goals. Our consultants will guide you through practical steps to put the changes into practice – we don’t just deliver a report and leave you to it! With our extensive experience in change management and business process re-modelling, the PRISM approach ensures change for the long-term and that business impact is immediate and measurable.

We’ve helped customers improve metrics and increase efficiency and value, we’ve helped some become data-driven in their approach and execution and we’ve helped clients become best-in-class through execution that places emphasis on leveraging strong data-science principles.

Case studies

As an independent, full-service analytics consultancy, our team are flexible – equipped with a range of practical experience, skill, and commercial awareness.

Our services portfolio is broad and comprehensive. You may be unsure exactly what service is right for the outcomes you are looking for and your own situational needs. We’d be delighted to talk more about your business and how we may be able to help.