Adobe Analytics and Target Support

Our team of engineers, analysts and consultants have significant experience in helping our clients in delivering successful Sales and Marketing outcomes using Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and associated Experience Cloud products.

How we help

Improved customer experience

Developing a better understanding of your customers is a central component of building a customer experience that delivers competitive advantage. Our approach is collaborative, building relationships with our clients as we help them develop a strategy using Adobe Experience Cloud technologies such as Analytics, Launch and Target – from capturing the right metrics to supporting effective decisions that help to improve the customer experience.

Support for your specific needs

Navigating the Adobe Experience eco-system can seem daunting – over the past 15 years, we have supported clients through transformations, integrations, deployment and testing to build robust analytics platforms that build a sustainable and scalable source of insight to fuel sales and marketing effectiveness. No approach is ever the same, with our combined engineering, data science and strategy experience, we can help you build a best-in-class implementation.

Robust testing capabilities

We recognise that users increasingly consume digital content over a myriad of platforms and devices. Our device lab enables us to build solutions that work across mobile, web, smart TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles with robust testing methods to ensure you’re only collecting the data you need from the specification we build. We provide security that digital experience is measured consistently, bringing scale and stability to your implementation.

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From analytics to insight using Adobe Analytics

Supporting our client’s needs for improved decision-making, our experienced team help clients plan, deploy, and integrate Adobe Analytics across digital platforms, from mobile apps to smart devices to websites to create omni-channel analytics that businesses trust.

Lynchpin works across the entire lifecycle of digital data, collecting data across apps, web, smart devices, combining with offline data integration to build compelling insight into how customers use products and services, with marketing analytics to help pinpoint the channels that matter.

Our experts build effective reporting from Adobe Analytics, our data science team combines best-in-class techniques to create compelling reports and visualisation to drive decision-making.

Data governance – collecting the data you need securely and safely

Previously known as Launch (now tags, event forwarding), we work with clients as they create sustainable deployments that flex to business needs, building in consent and privacy through effective tag management. We can also support you integrating Adobe Data with other marketing data sources or CRM systems. The result is an integrated solution that works for you now and factors in future business requirements.

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Optimisation and personalisation using Adobe Target

With significant experience in deploying and managing Adobe Target, Lynchpin supports our clients build great customer experiences, managing the entire process from client-side or server-side deployment through to deployment, testing and reporting. The result is relevant content delivered to the right customer, building valuable customer segments to target people effectively.

  • Multichannel personalisation
  • A/B and multivariate testing

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