Every meaningful journey has a rewarding destination. Where will analytics take your business today?

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It’s Lynchpin’s job to help you achieve powerful business outcomes from your analytics journey. We will help you shape your path to better results using our decades of experience. Venturing into the unknown is exciting and challenging, that’s why you need a partner that’s been there before to help you explore the art of the possible.


From start-up through scale-up to corporates, growth is a persistent challenge. Solutions like machine learning, attribution and segmentation all help to uncover growth opportunities.



Whether it’s loyalty leading to repeat business or churn prevention, retention is key. We help with segmentation, understanding lifetime value and sentiment analysis to drive retention.


Sales & Marketing Efficiency

Maximising the returns on these investments are crucial for success. Our approach is to use tools like media mix modelling, lead scoring and econometric models to help you be more efficient.


Improved Customer Experience

Better CX requires improved customer understanding. We blend solutions like PRISM consulting, personalisation, recommendation and segmentation so you can fine-tune and tailor CX.


Scaling Analytics

Successful analytics should be part of your ongoing strategy. But can you scale it? We support this through strategic consulting and via practical help from our data science and engineering teams.


Our services portfolio is broad and comprehensive. You may be unsure exactly what service is right for the outcomes you are looking for and your own situational needs. We’d be delighted to talk more about your business and how we may be able to help.