We help organisations use data to make the best decisions.

We help organisations use data to make the best decisions.

Lynchpin transforms data into insight and foresight, allowing ambitious organisations to anticipate the future, be more innovative in their customer engagement and drive meaningful business change.

About Us

Our Capabilities

We have a unique blend of capabilities within our teams, allowing us to take a bespoke approach to each client’s unique situation and requirements.

Data Science

We believe understanding the business model is just as important as understanding a machine learning model. Our blend of business knowledge and customised algorithms brings the power of machine learning and visualisation to illuminate your data.

Data Strategy

The analytics landscape gets broader and more complex every year. Our strategic consultants will build you a bespoke plan – including benchmarking, outcoming setting, analytics architecture and process re-engineering – to help you navigate a changing world.

Data Engineering

We love solving tough data problems for unique customer scenarios. Our data engineering team brings software development, database design, distributed computing and systems integration – plus understanding of all major analytics tools – to bring your project to life.


Great analytics provides the pathway to better businesses. We align our work with the business outcomes you want to achieve.



To achieve brilliant results, we need a powerful portfolio. We have a service to meet every data challenge in the modern organisation.


Our Clients

We are proud to work with world-class organisations, in B2C and B2B markets, across all major industries, to help them get more from their data.

The Lynchpin team would love to talk to you more about what we do and to learn more about your business. If you’d like an open and unbiased discussion about how we can help you to build a better, smarter organisation, get in touch to schedule a call.