Data Collection & Transformation

A core part of delivering value from data is to create and invest in the right processes to bring data together to achieve that value.

What is Data Collection & Transformation?

As organisations continue to collect more and more data across an increasing number of data sources and vendors - from CRM systems, call centres through to digital touchpoints such as mobile apps, it can become increasingly more daunting and challenging to turn that data into something meaningful. A core part of delivering value from data – and a fundamental part to a data strategy – is to create and invest in the right processes to bring data together to achieve that value.

Why invest in Data Collection & Transformation?

There are many good reasons to deploy effective processes around data collection and transformation. Data can be thought of as a key enabler to support tactical execution (for example to support marketing automation) or to allow and enable wider initiatives such as digital transformation.

With an ever-increasing number of technology solutions, vendors, walled gardens across in-premise and cloud environments, the challenge of capturing, extracting and consolidating data across systems constantly increases in complexity.

Multiple unconnected & disparate data sources

Having a scalable data strategy that allows you to utilise data across many platforms at speed and scale is important to meet the needs for businesses looking for insights across platforms, channels and systems.


Vendor choice

The number of choices is ever increasing and making effective decisions around which technologies to invest in while at the same time understanding the challenges in bringing that data into a wider eco-system requires careful planning and design. This planning and vendor selection becomes crucial to ensuring that the choices you make today will positively impact the future.

Meeting the regulatory & compliance challenge

Understand what data to collect across multiple systems while ensuring compliance to is vital to ensuring the health of your data ecosystem.

How does Lynchpin do it?

Any product or technology

We have significant experience across all the leading platforms. Our approach is always bespoke and we are happy to work with your existing technology. The breadth of this expertise means that we can apply our experience to help you optimise data collection across your existing technologies.

Change Management

In our experience, it’s essential to take people with you and get buy-in through the delivery of your stat strategy. Critically, using workshops and training as part of our approach, we can help you develop and maintain processes to support data collection and transformation that are durable, effective and trusted.

Implementation Support

We can offer bespoke support to help you migrate to new technologies to leverage new capability or to bring in new technology to sit alongside your incumbent solutions.

Tactical to enterprise-scale

Whether it is simple scripting to support digital data collection, database management or configuration of a sophisticated Hadoop cluster, our engineers have experience in shaping data collection and transformation across all scales, across multiple functional teams to support tactical solutions or wider transformation programmes.

Efficient & repeatable processes

We like to approach each challenge with effective and efficient solutions which is why we can help support high-volume repetitive tasks such as API extraction for digital data through to digesting exports from BigQuery.

Scale and Resilience

By bringing together requirements across vendor selection, integration and deployment, regulatory and compliance constraints, business processes and cross-functional teams our data strategy enables businesses to solve the challenge and future-proof data, analytics and insight. We do this  through a connected solution that takes into account the natural tensions of these different factors.

Case studies

As an independent, full-service analytics consultancy, our team are flexible – equipped with a range of practical experience, skill, and commercial awareness.

Our services portfolio is broad and comprehensive. You may be unsure exactly what service is right for the outcomes you are looking for and your own situational needs. We’d be delighted to talk more about your business and how we may be able to help.