Delivering successful outcomes with compelling services requires powerful, people-powered capabilities.

We take a bespoke approach to each client’s unique situation and requirements.

Each organisation is unique, rich with data at every level, and therefore needing bespoke analytical solutions to maximise its opportunities.

We know that good people and processes are critical, supported by the right analytics & technologies. Combining these to allow effective decision making is central to our approach, as is an unwavering focus on results.

Data Science

We believe understanding the business model is just as important as understanding a machine learning model. Our blend of business knowledge and customised algorithms brings the power of machine learning and visualisation to illuminate your data.

Data Strategy

The analytics landscape gets broader and more complex every year. Our strategic consultants will build you a bespoke plan – including benchmarking, outcoming setting, analytics architecture and process re-engineering – to help you navigate a changing world.

Data Engineering

We love solving tough data problems for unique customer scenarios. Our data engineering team brings software development, database design, distributed computing and systems integration – plus understanding of all major analytics tools – to bring your project to life.

We take a bespoke approach to each client’s unique situation and requirements. To find out how Lynchpin blends our capabilities into customised analytics projects, and to tell us more about your business, we’d be delighted to talk to you in detail.