Our Data Science Consultancy Services

Leverage our data science consultancy services to gain competitive insight, unlock deep customer and marketing insight and solve complex analytics problems affecting your organisation.

Why Lynchpin?

Experienced Data Science Consultants

Technology has made it faster to interpret and process data, but you simply can’t beat the power of people and experience: having knowledgeable, investigative, and creative data science consultants to operate that technology is key. Lynchpin is a proudly independent analytics consultancy, equipped with broad data science skill-sets and years of knowledge to know where to look, which questions to ask, and what to apply to bring your data to life.

Technology Agnosticism

Lynchpin is proudly vendor-agnostic, meaning our analytics consultants are focused on giving our clients non-partisan recommendations and services. Our analytics consulting and data science solutions work solely in the best interests of the organisations that we serve.

Strategic Data Science Consulting

In addition to making sure that data science is framed by a data strategy, we work hard to ensure that data models link back to business models, that we achieve real-world commercial gains, and that our solutions and methodology are focused on your requirements and desired outcomes.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Data

Our data science consultants draw value out of the data you have available – regardless of size, shape, and location. Our awareness of how to turn data into valuable insight you can use to increase business performance is what helps you to drive real change.

Our data science consultancy services can help you optimise a marketing campaign and forecast the impact of digital media or mine insights from patterns of behaviour in large datasets to find and segment your customers. Whatever your objective, it’s our people and their capabilities that make the difference.

"...Their data scientists don’t just support our internal data and analytics team, they are genuinely commercial and committed to understanding our business, which means the outputs are always in line with our company strategy!"

- John Donnellan, Ecommerce Director, Canon

Our Data Science Consultancy Services

Sentiment Analysis

Brand perception is highly affected by social media commentary. What do your customers really think about you?


Recommendation Engines

We apply machine learning algorithms to provide relevant content to users. Where would you like to improve your targeting?



Combining past trends and current performance into a forecast is challenging. What do you expect to happen in the future?


Marketing Attribution

Understanding traffic sources, conversions and orders is key for attribution. How can we improve your customer journey?



Dividing large groups of data into smaller subsets with similar characteristics is tough. How good is your customer profiling?


Pricing Models

Maximise revenues by analysing competitor pricing and customer behaviour. How will we improve market positioning?


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Success needs vision, strategy and a bespoke analytics roadmap. What areas of your business do you want to improve?


Our Capabilities

Data Science

We believe understanding the business model is just as important as understanding a machine learning model.
Our blend of business knowledge and customised algorithms brings the power of machine learning and visualisation to illuminate your data.


Data Strategy

The analytics landscape gets broader and more complex every year. Our strategic consultants will build you a bespoke plan – including benchmarking, outcome setting, analytics architecture and process re-engineering – to help you navigate a changing world.


Data Engineering

We love solving tough data problems for unique customer scenarios. Our team brings software development, database design, distributed computing and systems integration – plus understanding of all major analytics tools – to bring your project to life.


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If you'd like to explore how we can help, please get in touch with our data science consultants. We don't have salespeople and your first point of contact will be a subject matter expert from our leadership team.