Lynchpin Full Service Analytics
Strategy, Analytics, Engineering work in synergy

Established in 2005, Lynchpin is a full service analytics consultancy. Strategists, analysts and engineers work together on data projects to give a responsive, cohesive and advanced service. As your business progresses from the insights we find and so we adapt our strategy, evolving and reacting to drive your business forward.

Know your customer and increase profit

Understanding customer behaviour is crucial to growing your business. Lynchpin elegantly extract, integrate and interpret data, giving our clients clarity to make the best decisions for their business.

From statistical modelling to optimisation our independent team of analysts, consultants and engineers work in harmony to create and refine bespoke strategies to improve your bottom line

Expert technology recommendation

Our approach to technology implementation comes from an impeccable understanding of the available options on the market. Our advice is unbiased and we endeavour to create a cost effective and scalable solution. We select the right tools for the task and ensure they are effectively deployed.

Bespoke strategy and support for your business

With extensive expertise across sectors, dealing with unique requirements and company cultures, we pride ourselves in being candid, approachable and supportive. We are happy to work alongside your in-house team to get the best from reporting tools.