Our Data Strategy Consultancy Services

Empower your organisation with a data-driven roadmap to success, using our data strategy consultancy solutions.

Why Lynchpin?

Our Approach

Since 2005, we’ve been helping organisations navigate their data landscape, extracting meaningful insights from an ever-expanding proliferation of data sources, rapidly evolving demands, and the constant emergence of new technology.

Our objective is to understand your business strategy and help you align that to a data strategy. Ultimately, our strategic work starts with understanding requirements and desired outcomes before we layer in our Data Science and Data Engineering teams to bring the necessary outcomes to life.

No Hidden Agenda or Bias

As an independent analytics consultancy, we pride ourselves on helping clients to optimise performance and actualise their goals by creating personalised analytics roadmaps that suit our client’s best interests first and foremost. Our clients can be assured that everything we do is to create the best possible data outcomes.

Our Data Strategy Consults' Experience

We understand that achieving your objectives is a complex endeavour, considering people, processes, technology, and information. Our data strategy consultants are versatile, bringing years of client-side and agency-side experience of data landscapes in Finance, Travel, Retail and much more to help usher in change as smoothly and holistically as possible.

Analytics Maturity Assessment with PRISM

PRISM is our flagship data strategy consulting product. PRISM considers people, reporting, information, skills and measurement, giving our data strategy consultants the blueprint for evaluating your organisation and is the start of any meaningful data strategy journey.

"...Lynchpin prove themselves again and again as highly experienced and competent. They have led and driven our analytics strategy and played an essential role in our business growth. Highly personable, their consultants are well known within the office and I would recommend them as a trusted 3rd party business partner."

- Adam Taylor, Partner & Web Manager, John Lewis Financial Services

Our Data Strategy Consultancy Services

Benchmarking & Strategy

Success needs vision, strategy and a bespoke analytics roadmap. What areas of your business do you want to improve?


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Success needs vision, strategy and a bespoke analytics roadmap. What areas of your business do you want to improve?


Our Capabilities

Data Science

We believe understanding the business model is just as important as understanding a machine learning model.
Our blend of business knowledge and customised algorithms brings the power of machine learning and visualisation to illuminate your data.


Data Strategy

The analytics landscape gets broader and more complex every year. Our strategic consultants will build you a bespoke plan – including benchmarking, outcome setting, analytics architecture and process re-engineering – to help you navigate a changing world.


Data Engineering

We love solving tough data problems for unique customer scenarios. Our team brings software development, database design, distributed computing and systems integration – plus understanding of all major analytics tools – to bring your project to life.


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If you'd like to explore how we can help, please get in touch with our data strategy consultants. We don't have salespeople and your first point of contact will be a subject matter expert from our leadership team.