• +25% improvements in overall ROI on marketing spend
  • +45% improvements in sales volume
  • +60% paid search ROI uplift

The Challenge

  • Develop an attribution model to measure the effectiveness (ROI) of each marketing activity in driving a flight booking.
  • Assess how that attribution model can be used to optimise marketing spend across digital marketing channels.
  • Manage complex stakeholder relationships to ensure that the Attribution model becomes embedded in business processes

The Context

Businesses aren’t sure whether attribution models are providing useful insights. Often, attribution models are ‘black box’ models, that are not based on facts about the business.

The Solution

Step 1 : Objectives setting

  • Objectives: Established the key KPIs that the model was expected to improve, as well as constraints/processes/levers surrounding them.
  • Scope: Agreed on the scope of a first phase model based on score-carding region/brand/segment.
  • Working Group: Established an Attribution Working Group of key stakeholders (budget holders, channel/marketing managers and relevant executives).

Step 2 : Analysis + Model build + Test

  • Exploratory: Identified key relationships between variables, marketing activities, marketing spends and the customer journey. Identified top performing journeys and interactions between channels.
  • Markov model: Built a scalable model that captures channel interactions and performance.
  • Model Test: Tested the Phase 1 model and delivered immediate improvements in ROI.

Step 3 : Global rollout

  • Tech-stack: Recommended best technology stack to achieve scalable rollout of the model globally.
  • Business processes: Made strategic recommendations on best way to embed the model within decision-making.

The Results

Commercial improvements:

  • $1,300,000 YOY growth in total monthly revenue
  • 12% saving in total spend (relative to planned spend)
  • 25% improvement in ROI

Strategic improvements:

  • Decision-making: Attribution model became embedded in decision making processes for allocating marketing spend globally.
  • Offline attribution: Impact of offline/brand marketing activities now being layered on top of the digital attribution model.