The Challenge

A top 5 global investment company wanted to deliver clear ROI from analytics through a consistent and scalable approach.

  • Build brand awareness and advocacy
  • Protect and enhance corporate reputation
  • Engage and inspire colleagues in the business

Operating across a number of digital platforms from Twitter, LinkedIn to traditional web analytics and email, the organisation wanted to understand how they can place data, measurement and insight at the heart of a strategy to develop the aims above.

The business wanted to understand how effective and engaging their PR and consumer content was, to understand sentiment across social channels and to understand and predict value in which channels and which activities drove engagement to their digital estate.

The Solution

The Lynchpin approach

Recognising the need for a scalable, actionable analytics strategy with short term, achievable and practical deliverables, we offered the client our PRISM analytics strategy product.

The Lynchpin PRISM model is a proven methodology which focusses on 5 key value drivers which we have assessed as being critical to the success or otherwise of analytics across any vertical.

  • Perspective: Organisational structure, culture, data-led
  • Reporting: Dashboards, infographics, end-user engagement
  • Information: Data quality, governance, agility, controls, access
  • Skills: Capability across the teams, domain knowledge, support structures
  • Measurement: Metrics, KPIs, alignment to business, definitions

Lynchpin PRISM engagement

  • Working with the client team, Lynchpin conducted detailed Interviews across all relevant stakeholders to determine baseline and internal perception of analytics
  • Lynchpin then applied scoring across 5 dimensions (and 20 sub categories) – objective
  • From the interviews, we completed scoring across 80 key questions – subjective
  • From them, Lynchpin developed an action plan and recommendations with impact assessment to advance analytics maturity

Step 1: Discovery

Critical to the development of a comprehensive analytics strategy that doesn’t just sit in a document is the ability to engage and inspire those involved.

Our team of consultants interviewed staff in 1:1 sessions exploring themes across analytics, data, insight and reporting to get to the heart of the issues within our client’s organisation.

Step 2: Analysis

From being at the forefront of digital and customer analytics over the past 12 years, Lynchpin was able to take the inputs from the client and create a detailed assessment of core analytics drivers across 20 dimensions.

Step 3: Roadmap for change

Applying the results of the detailed assessment to the core commercial objectives of the client, we established a complete analytics strategy, giving complete clarity to evolving analytics and delivering a plan to achieve the goals set out in the project.

The Results

  • Using the Lynchpin PRISM approach, the client was able to identify quick wins, bringing together cross-functional teams in a unified reporting strategy.
  • Using Data Science techniques, the data sources were aligned (through a new data model) to support effective interactive dashboards that bring accuracy and confidence in the role of data and insights. Sentiment analysis across social and web platforms were central to success.
  • The immediate results were an increase of 28% in content consumption through knowledge of how audiences consume content. The impact of campaigns is now fully understood across performance, social and brand metrics.
  • The client now uses Lynchpin to deliver the roadmap, executing a pipeline of deliverables that shift analytics into a leading position.