Meticulous knowledge of data analytics tools to deliver relevant and accurate data

Data must to be clean, accurate and relevant in order to give a faultless and enlightened picture of how customers are interacting with your business. In turn critical for getting precise value from analysis.

Our data engineers extract the right data from source without disruption, process it and aggregate to the right data base.

Technical Expertise Across the Board

Our data engineering team combine the disciplines of software development, database design, distributed computing and systems integration with deep practical experience of everything from digital analytics tools like Google/Adobe Analytics to SQL, Hadoop and custom developments.

Consequently, whether we’re deploying a tag management system, designing a data layer for a mobile app, re-implementing a digital analytics tool from scratch, integrating digital analytics and CRM data for personalisation, or simply automating reporting, we have the breadth and depth of skills to make it happen.

Which of the following languages and tools is your organisation utilising for analytics?

Find out more in our Measurement and Analytics Report, produced in partnership with Econsultancy.

Measurement Design

Collect accurate and relevant data from websites, mobile apps, telephony and other customer touch points.

Data Transformation

Transform and merge data from multiple sources ready for reporting and analysis.

Integration & Automation

Get analytics, testing, CMS and CRM systems all talking to each other and automate those painful manual processes.