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While our specialism is in quantitative insight, we recognise the importance of qualitative insight to surface unmet customer needs and integrate that vital research into our analysis.

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General Information

Increasingly, companies are using data to ensure prices are up to date and competitive. Pricing models allow you to adapt to customer behaviour and changing market conditions to maximise revenue.

We work with organisations to build and rollout a bespoke pricing model that can encompass a range of variables:

  • Competitor’s Pricing
  • Customer’s Behaviour
  • Customer’s Location
  • Time-based demand (Peak Pricing)

However, a pricing model alone may not suffice. The key to truly taking control of your pricing strategies is through change management and a rigorous test and learn framework. We work side-by-side with organisations to support rolling out a pricing model that is fit for purpose alongside internal business models.

The Lynchpin Approach

Our clients typically adopt our segmentation services for one of the following reasons:

Customer behaviours

We are not all the same. We have different wants and needs. Segmenting your customer base allows you to understand how those needs differ from customer-to-customer. Incorporating both demographic and behavioural data, segmentation can deliver both short term tactical outcomes (e.g. targeting campaigns by customer group) and longer term strategies (e.g. new product/service development).

Website content

With a huge array of data available from your digital tools, it can be difficult to decipher the insight from the noise. With the help of machine learning clustering techniques, businesses can organise their content based on how users interact with site content. The benefits can include a greater understanding of customer behaviours, as well as learning how to develop useful content and site layouts to achieve overarching business goals.

Transactional segmentation

With a focus on revenue-driving actions, segmentation on transactional behaviours is a useful tool to have in any organisation.

From simple RFM matrices to more advanced machine learning applications, you can understand where to focus your efforts on acquiring and retaining valuable customers.

"...Their data scientists don’t just support our internal data and analytics team, they are genuinely commercial and committed to understanding our business, which means the outputs are always in line with our company strategy!"

- John Donnellan, Ecommerce Director, Canon

How does Lynchpin do it?

Integrated Solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand the pre-existing architecture, optimising and improving data capture to maximise the pricing model’s efficacy. Our approach allows us to deliver a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with pre-existing technology. The models are built with scalability at the forefront, ensuring the solution is effective long-term.

Strategy and Consulting

There are many statistical techniques available for building pricing models, however to develop a pricing strategy you need to go a step further. With expertise in the fields of strategy and change management we can focus the outputs of these models to achieve your over-arching business objectives while ensuring organisation buy-in and consistent execution of strategies.

Bespoke Pricing Models

With pricing, there is no one size fits all. We work with organisations to build a truly bespoke model. From concept to production, we help provide a pricing model that is fully tailored to your needs.

ML expertise

Using the foremost machine learning techniques, leveraging data from external and internal sources, we create a comprehensive personalised model. Through providing a comprehensive testing plan and long-term support, we establish a refined and well-integrated pricing model.

Our Data Engineering Services

Data Integration & Automation

Critical business intelligence and analytics requires connecting different data sources. How will you build a data ecosystem?


Implementation Design

Strong engineering and technical principle underpin all effective analytics. Where do you need help in your implementation?


Technology Configuration & Support

Implementing new processes, systems and reports can be tough. How can you ensure positive change succeeds?


Data Collection & Transformation

You’re juggling multiple datapoints, data sources, vendors and systems. How can you unlock the value in your data?


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