People, process and precision
Unlocking the Power of Data

Our data scientists hold the key to drawing value out of the data you have available – regardless of size, shape and location. And they know how to use it to increase business performance.

Lynchpin might help you with optimising a marketing campaign and forecasting the impact of digital media. Or maybe we’re helping you to mine insights from patterns of behaviour in large data sets to find and segment your customers. It doesn’t matter the objective, it’s our people who make the difference.

Experienced hands

Technology has made it faster to interpret and process data but at the end of the day you simply can’t beat experience: having a knowledgeable, investigative and creative person to operate that technology.

Data Science is all our dedicated teams across analytics and engineering do. You’ll expect a good data miner to have dirty hands and we have the skills and experience to know where to look, which questions to ask and what algorithms to apply to bring your data to life.

Commercial Focus

As well as making sure that Data Science is framed by Strategy, we work hard to ensure that statistical models link back to business models, that we achieve real-world financial gains, and that our capabilities are focused on your requirements and desired outcomes.


How important is data science to your future business success?

Find out more in our Measurement and Analytics Report, produced in partnership with Econsultancy.

Marketing Analytics

Use data mining and modelling to target marketing efforts more accurately.

Customer Analytics

Leverage data science to fine-tune and optimise your customer journey.


Allocate spend to results to see where marketing performs best.


Our data scientists help you reach peak performance via ongoing insights.

Reporting & Visualisation

See the value in your data more clearly and collaborate more freely.