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Our data and analytics consultants have years of experience helping media organisations overcome their challenges and make better-informed decisions.

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How Lynchpin helps

Leveraging analytics in a competitive media landscape

In today's rapidly evolving media landscape, staying ahead necessitates data-driven decision-making. Our analytics services provide clients with advanced analytics support amidst shifting consumer demands and market trends, enabling them to proactively adapt their strategy.

Creating beloved platforms through increased user-centricity

Our comprehensive analytics solutions help us delve into user behaviour and preferences, arming clients with the knowledge needed to create better user experiences, foster loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

Compliance, regulation, and building trusted insight

Navigating the intricate web of compliance and regulatory requirements expected in the media industry is challenging. With our expertise, media organisations can confidently embrace data-driven strategies and safeguard their operations through our focus on data privacy and security best practices.

Advanced testing using our Device Lab and automation

Our comprehensive testing solutions ensures the quality of our client’s analytics, analytics implementations, platform performance, and more. We align our testing services with their business objectives and requirements to enhance service delivery and strengthen platform health.

Timely data solutions for a rapidly changing industry

In an industry where change is constant and opportunities can be fleeting, Lynchpin’s experience and breadth of analytics services allow organisations to navigate and react to change efficiently and appropriately. Our blend of data science, engineering and strategic expertise supports an agile approach, delivering insight to the right places at the right time.

Comprehensive analytics solutions for pain-free problem solving

Businesses frequently encounter hurdles involving analytics that demand the time and specialist knowledge of an analytics specialist such as ourselves.

Our team excels in handling diverse data science and data engineering requests, providing invaluable strategic guidance and transformative insights along the way. With our end-to-end analytics solutions, clients trust us to help them navigate their data journey and support them comprehensively, from the initial engagement stages to dedicated ongoing support.

"...The relationship doesn’t feel like we are client and agency: it’s a collaborative effort, and everyone works well together. For more complex data collection and integration projects, Lynchpin supports us where there is perhaps not expertise or knowledge within our business, or our team’s capacity to pick up sizeable challenges is low."

- Sam Heaney, Senior Director of Programme and Delivery, Paramount

Our Leadership team

Andrew Hood


As CEO, Andrew leads the talented team at Lynchpin to deliver great work for our clients across data strategy, science and engineering.

With a Masters in Information Systems Engineering, Andrew scaled technical systems behind the first internet hotel reservation systems during the dotcom boom before shifting into developing web analytics and marketing tracking solutions and subsequently founding Lynchpin in 2005.

As well as leading the team at Lynchpin, Andrew acts as Econsultancy's lead consultant, trainer and author on the topic of analytics, and lectures on the MSc in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Anne Sargeant

Data Science Director

With 20+ years of analytical experience, Anne Sargeant heads up Lynchpin’s Data Science team.

Anne has a degree in Maths and Physics and a master’s degree in Statistics. She is an expert in data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical modelling – with a passion for driving business success from their effective deployment.

Prior to joining Lynchpin in 2013, Anne worked as a senior analyst for Experian, Symantec, Avis and SPSS.

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Gary Douglas

Strategy & Engineering Director

Gary Douglas has extensive experience in consulting to build data and analytics strategies and solutions for leading organisations across the UK, EU, and US.

Gary has helped businesses to transform their existing data and build new processes and workflows to enable businesses to scale their ambition through a data-driven mindset – increasing sales, reducing costs and supporting improvements to the customer experience.

Having worked both agency and client-side, and with significant experience in Financial Services organisations in the UK, Gary brings a practical knowledge of successful data and analytics structures.

Building on a PhD in particle physics, Gary understands the challenges from a C-level through to a practitioner-level view.

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