Adobe Summit 2015 - Derived metrics (the new calculated metrics) in Adobe Analytics

One of the biggest changes in day to day usage of Adobe Reports and Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst, AKA "the Adobe web interface") is coming this year. It takes the form of a new metric selector and enhanced calculated metrics (also known as derived metrics). This was unveiled at the Adobe Summit, April 2015.

Web Analytics 101: What is the Hotel Problem?

Typically the Hotel Problem refers to time periods (e.g. days in a month). A number of "guests" in a hotel may be present over multiple days and adding these daily guests together will give a different number to the total unique guests over the entire period. This blog post will show how that this can occur over most breakdowns within an Analytics tool, expanding on the core issue.

Some of the more regular questions Analysts face when producing and delivering reports to the business is:

"Why are there more unique visitors in total for this report than the summary?"
"Why do the number of visits not add up to the figures in the monthly trend?"
"Why don't the numbers add up to 100%?"

Creating Clever Clusters - Segementing for Profit Brighton Seo Presentation.

Andrew our MD recently presented at the famous, massively busy and fun conference Brightseo April 2015. We are a data consultancy, however Brighton SEO now has an insight stage inside the corn exchange and this is where we were.

*NIX for ETL - MeasureCamp VI Presentation

It was our great pleasure to once again sponsor MeasureCamp. It was a brilliant event for sharing analytics knowledge. Andrew Hood our Director ran a session on using *NIX script to prepare and clean data saving you time and energy. For those of you who caught it at MeasureCamp VI or If your appetite for some nifty coding has been whetted,  here is the deck as a PDF below or if you prefer a link for the slideshare.    

Analytics, Is It Time to Grow Up?

How grown up is your analytics? Andrew our MD presented last week at the Festival of Marketing. His main presentation was about Analytics maturity and what you need to reach the optimum level to get absolute business benefit. Maturity graphs seem to be a trend at the moment and we really wanted to give an honest account of best practice rather than having a sort of vanity graph that looks like a simple process or box ticking exercise but is in actual fact unrealistic.

How to Create Clever Clusters

Learn how finding clever clusters in your data will make your business more profitable. In this webinar in association with MeasureFest we looked at practical and powerful approaches for finding meaningful segments in your data, from simple frameworks to statistical algorithms.

MeasureFest 2014 - Practical Data Integration Tips & Pitfalls

Andrew Hood's presentation from MeasureFest on Practical Data Integration:

The Gathering - Web Analytics Presentation

Lynchpin was invited to participate and present a session on "Charity Websites & Analytics at the "The Gathering 2014 . The Gathering is a third sector (charities) event that allows for networking, showcasing work and learning. 

Below is that presentation.


Google Analytics - Demographics.... Useful??

As you may have noticed Google have kindly given us another report to try and sift through to identify a purpose for. Within the Audience Section there is the addition of ‘Demograpics’ (giving Age and Gender data) along with ‘Interests’. 

But what is it, and how do you get it? I’m glad you asked. 

To get any demographics or interests data you must change this snippet of code within your Google Analytics tag from;

Customer, Propensity & Attribution Modelling

Thanks for all those who attended the last WAW London it was a great turnout. Please find below the presentation on Customer, Propensity & Attribution Modelling.

The next WAW is on the 12 March and is a about ANALYTICS, CONVERSION OPTIMISATION and USABILITY..? 


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