Migrating to GA4

As an independent consultancy, we help you navigate the change. Our team are able to demystify Google’s updates and allow you to assess the full breadth of your options.


In October 2020, Google Analytics users were first introduced to Google’s newest analytics service, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
As most Google Analytics users are now aware, the current version of the service (Universal Analytics or UA) will no longer process data as of July 1st 2023 – with Google 360 users gaining an extension until July 1st 2024. Therefore, it is essential that businesses wishing to continue using Google's analytics services consider how they can make the smoothest departure from UA to GA4 over the coming months.

Why choose Lynchpin?


GA4 brings with it a new paradigm to digital measurement, and for many businesses that naturally triggers a sensible review of their overall technology stack for marketing.

As a vendor-neutral consultancy, we’re here to help you evaluate the pros and cons and support you in whatever direction is best.


GA4 is a new product, with new features and capabilities and a different data collection model.

Migration means re-implementation, and we’re here to help maximise the opportunity while de-risking the transition.

Lynchpin can support you to seamlessly embed GA4 into your existing analytics workflow, ensuring you retain the insights you need and allowing you to capitalise on the new features available in GA4.

Reporting, analysis and training

GA4 introduces different metrics, a different data model, different reports, and critically “modelled measures” – which means your core metrics could be coming from machine learning as opposed to direct measurement.

With proven expertise in both digital measurement and predictive modelling we will support you through adjusted measurement frameworks, evolving and re-integrating automated reporting, nailing a new world of attribution and keeping those black box machine learning models in check.

What we're saying

A comment from our CEO

“Ultimately GA4 represents a good if enforced opportunity for organisations to make sure their digital measurement is fit-for-purpose and future-proofed. But there’s a lot to address over the next 12 months: it might be described as a “new version”, but it’s more akin to deploying a brand-new tool with different implementation requirements, different metrics, different reports and different limitations for everyone to get their heads around.”


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