Lynchpin are proud to sponsor MeasureCamp, an analytics community event that takes place every six months in London and now in various cities around the world, with more signing up to host all the time.
MeasureCamp is an event for the analytics and digital community. It is not for profit and takes the form of an unconference. The content and sessions for the day are generated by attendees, who are some of the brightest minds in the industry and this collaboration makes for a very valuable day. However whether starting out as an analyst or at director level everyone who attends is able to share and exchange knowledge and ideas.
While at Lynchpin we are naturally curious individuals, MeasureCamp is the braces to our belt and a great way to make sure we are not missing out on any new ideas and technology out there. Lynchpin will always remain agile and independent and at the forefront of the analytics industry.
At Lynchpin we have been having lots of fun exploring the latest technology to process large data sets in order to find trends in the data for statistical and behavioural modelling. Andrew Hood our Managing Director and Cameron Gray (Data Engineer) presented how they have been using cost effective and open source software to do just that.

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55,000,000 rows of data processed in seconds

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