How do you measure your marketing channel and campaign performance within Adobe?
In the past 18 months Lynchpin has received a flood of requests to review Adobe Marketing Channel implementations and recommend improvements to match the business’ needs. How do you measure your marketing channel and campaign performance within Adobe?
In carrying out these audits for businesses in various industries, serving different customer databases and with vastly different analytics deployment backgrounds; Lynchpin has realised one constant across Marketing Channel deployments in Adobe: there is no constant, all deployments are different.
As we know, Adobe is continuously releasing new functionality which means that an existing implementation may contain any number of the following deployments:

  • Multiple campaign variables with different allocation, different expirations and different classifications
  • Any number of VISTA rules impacting campaign tracking
  • The channel manager plugin
  • Processing rules
  • Marketing channel processing rules
  • (SAINT) Classifications via both the importer and the rule builder
  • Adobe Analytics segments defining channels

The outcome is a tool which allows channel tracking in a much more customisable way to the competition; however, the customisation is often not documented, not understood or not maintained by the business.
Lynchpin has now produced an all-encompassing process:

  • Our Consultancy team will elicit the current business reporting requirements and channel definitions
  • We will document the break downs required for each channel to allow you to understand what worked and what did not work for a given campaign
  • Our Analyst and Engineering teams will perform an audit across all aspects of Adobe channel tracking
  • We will produce a gap analysis highlighting business requirements which are not currently being met
  • We will deliver recommendations for an implementation to meet these requirements, whilst adopting best practices where possible and aiming to fully retain historic data

Our Engineering team to work with your internal or 3rd party developers to implement these recommendations; building in future proofing, automating as much as possible and documenting your business’ responsibilities and processes
Finally, we will work with you to increase your understanding of how your channels perform across your customer base, whether it is: customer modelling, attribution modelling or optimisation
You can get in touch to discuss channel performance, or anything else analytics, with us at: Twitter @lynchpin